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Do you have a favorite tv show?


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Flash and arrow are the easy ones for me to point to since I collect comics and for TV shows, they're very well made.

 Life on Mars (the British version :P) because it had an interesting concept (getting into a coma and waking up in the 70s - though in the spin of series you find out this is actually a purgatory for dead cops).

And The Inbetweeners (yet again the british version :P). If you're watched the british Inbetweeners then you'll probably see why it's every brit's favorite tv show.

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On 8/20/2017 at 9:52 AM, badapple said:

Life on Mars sounds interesting. I think i might give it a shot.

I notice in your profile picture that you like Doctor Who - the guy who plays as the Master in the revival of the Doctor Who series stars in Life on Mars.

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