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President Trump banning transgender military personnel


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As a trans person, I'm all for his decision to ban trans people from the military.

Any kind of person suffering from a disorder are banned from joining the army. Trans people suffer from gender dysphoria (previously known as Gender Identity Disorder) that is, as the old name for it suggests, a disorder. Why should they lower the standards for trans people? They shouldn't. Hell, having bad acne will disqualify you from joining the military.

Many people suffering from gender dysphoria suffer from suicidal tendencies, depression and a whole host of other mental illnesses. The only "cure" (and I'm using that term very losely here as it's essentially playing into a trans person's delusion) is to transition. Transitioning does not 100% guarantee happiness.

To transition trans people go through Hormone Replacement Therapy. HRT (which is what Hormone Replacement Therapy is shortened to) changes bone density (and this is guaranteed) and gives mood swings (pretty much guaranteed) to individuals who take it and can even make them depressed if they aren't already. You also can't simply take a trans person off HRT since this will give dangerous side effects (such as mood swings and even worse) and I'm sure there will be days that a trans person will have to "skip" HRT for whatever reason (and even on HRT, there is no promise that they are going to have a great day).

The army is not a social experiment. You can't have trans people in the army as that would risk their, and potentially other, lives. Many soldiers say that in the army the smallest problem you have becomes a big deal and to trans people, gender dysphoria is a big deal.

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21 hours ago, badapple said:

@emily very interesting point. I did not see it that way until you mentioned it. :$

Yeah, most people tend to cry and start keyboard warrioring without looking at the actual problem which is understandable but in most cases people don't really know what they're talking about.

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