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  1. Anyone here watching superstore on hulu? Last episode was good and also can be tearing. So sad that cloud 9 is closed
  2. Woke up today and saw that i was stimulated! Lol 💰💸
  3. Anyone know where can i get a 20amp smart plug? Especially with Wi-Fi control?
  4. What is the deal with Asians being attacked these days? When are all these racism going to stop? Plus, why are people so uneducated?
  5. Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot 4 times, the gun man fleed with 2 of Lady Gaga's bulldogs So messed up! 😡 Source
  6. What is up with people burning snow to prove that it's not real? Come on, what part of changing from solid to gas that people don't understand? 😠
  7. Most of the stocks I've invested in been dropping for part few days. 😭😆
  8. Hi guys, do you guys know what is the name of an app that Hillary's designer used to plan out the house in the tv show "love it or list it"?
  9. Oh man...i cannot wait for it
  10. Heard about them but never paid any attention until today. They are very talented
  11. Anyone watching the super bowl today?? 🏈
  12. The company in UK has came up with an idea of turning tiles into electricity. As you walk on the tile it creates pressure and spin the generator underneath, we have electricity generated! Cool idea! https://pavegen.com/
  13. I know nothing about plesk but i think that's awesome
  14. Anyone else watching this series?
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